When am I charged each month and when do I get my box?
Accounts are charged at time of initial purchase. All recurring payments will be drafted the same DATE each month going forward. If you start on the 12th of a month, you will be charged on the 12th of every month. ALL boxes ship on the 15th of the month (pending holidays and weekends).
After I sign up, when do I get my first box?
We run on a monthly schedule. If you order by the 14th of the month your box will ship on the 15th. Orders AFTER the 15th will receive the following months box. We do offer one time purchases for a limited number of the current months box when we have extra.
What if I change my mind after I sign up?
You have 48 hours to cancel after signing up. Email us and there's no obligation.
What if I move?
If you have a change of address let us know by email and we will update your account.
What if my box does not come?
You will receive a tracking number via email when your box ships. If you do not get your box, contact us and we will send another box to you immediately.
How do I terminate my subscription?
To cancel before you are renewed for your next box, simply log on to your account and cancel within 30 days. If you experience issues canceling, please email us and include the name of the person who receives the box in addition to the email associated with the account. Also note that cancellation assistance requests must be made by email only. Requests cannot be received by phone or social media messages.